Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tonight in ice hockey

Going into tonight's game we're in 1st place by 2 points (5-1-2). I had a shutout last week, so my overall GAA is 1.71 (12 goals in 7 games). Tonight we're playing one of the teams tied for 2nd place, so it ought to be a good one. Afterwards, BBQ!

For the games that we have specific stats for:
109 shots, 9 goals 1.50 GAA 0.917 Save %

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hockey bits & pieces

In our Bronze ice hockey team, I'm 3-1-2 (3 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties). Not all of the games had shots kept track of, but the goals against average is 2.00 (12 goals in 6 games).

Counting the games that were shot totals kept, I've got a 90.6% save percentage. Decent, but I did better last season. There's more than 1/2 the season left, so there's time to get more shutouts (1 so far this year).

I really love playing ice hockey, even when we lose!

Right now our team is tied for 1st in the league. We just lost 2-0 in the final minutes last night to the other 1st place team. It was our 1st loss of the season (we're 4-1-2).

EDIT: Just realized that I didn't mention that last season (see the 8/11/08 post below) our ice hockey team won the championship for the first time since I've been playing on the team (2+ years, I think? At least 4 or 5 seasons- one in summer & one in winter). It was a great night!

In BASH (Bay Area Street Hockey), the Saturday S.F. league I play in, I play out & am currently the backup goalie. After too many years, I finally scored my first goal on Saturday. Then, our goalie was injured during the game so I had to rush & put on the pads & play the last few minutes of the game. I got the win too!

More votes...

Thanks to Slate Mate Igor, I now know our vote totals are increasing as more of the huge backlog of absentee ballots are being counted.

NP - Nicole Drake 23447 18.24
NP - Igor Tregub 23240 18.08
NP - Judy E. Shelton 22702 17.66
NP - Jack Harrison 20111 15.65
NP - Jesse Townley 17381 13.52

Yay us!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


*** Our Rent Board Slate Won!
*** Jesse Luscious back on KALX!

*** Our Rent Board Slate Won!

Thank you for all of your good wishes, volunteer hours, and donations to the Progressive Rent Board slate! It paid off as the 5 of us were handily elected to the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board. We will be sworn into office in early December.

#/votes %/votes
Nicole Drake 19256 18.13
Igor Tregub 19138 18.02
Judy E. Shelton 18691 17.59
Jack Harrison 16660 15.68
Jesse Townley 14170 13.34

The local election results mostly hewed to my endorsements, which was a pleasant (& rare!) surprise. The only close Berkeley race that so far isn't going my way is the hard fought District 5 race between Sophie Hahn (yay!) and Councilmember Laurie Capitelli.

With 6,660 ballots counted (absentee & provisional ballots are still being counted) Capitelli has a 400 vote lead. In 2004, 7,700 people voted on this race, and with this year's record turnout the vote total could easily go above 8,000. That said, 400 votes will be tough to make up for Sophie. Regardless of the outcome, she's happy that her supporters proved that there is much more diversity in opinion in our district than previously thought.

Like anyone with half a brain, I'm extremely relieved that McCain/Palin did not win the Presidency. I'm guardedly optimistic about Obama/Biden. The giddiness & joy that swept the streets Tuesday night was intoxicating. We watched the crowd outside of the Guerilla Cafe break into a spontaneous singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" after the night's hip-hop djs finished their set. People were blocking the streets in joy, not in anger or frustration.

Speaking of frustration- with all the good news locally (Jesse Arreguin in District 4!), state-wide, and nationally, one measure- Proposition 8- reminds us that we still have a fair ways to travel until we get to a truly just society. Updates on fighting for equal treatment under the law can be found here and here

*** Jesse Luscious back on KALX!

That's right, I'm back on the air as DJ Jesse Luscious, every Tuesday morning 6-9am, on KALX, 90.7 FM & streamed live at The 1st show is Veteran's Day so tune in for at least a set or 2 of relevant tuneage.

Thanks to everyone who donated during our recent annual fundraiser- you truly ROCK! If you missed the programming, no worries. You can donate here: