Monday, August 11, 2008

Jesse For Rent Board, plus Drake, Harrison, Shelton, & Tregub!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the rent board convention last week & supported me for the rent board slate.

I'm happy & looking forward to campaigning with the other 4 rent board progressive slate candidates: Nicole Drake, Jack Harrison, Judy Shelton, and Igor Tregub. More info soon on how to pitch in & help elect a solid, diverse slate of candidates to the Rent Board here in Berkeley.

Until then, thanks!

End of season ice stats

Jesse TownleyGulag 14490211.500.957
Victoria RemlerArctic Blast 9325141.560.957
Steven NordhavnHoley Whales 12420292.420.931
Jason MoyKwijibo 9316293.220.908
william yeungOFD/SFFD 13478554.230.885

[that's name, team, games played, shots, goals against, goals against average (per game), save %]

This is how this season's Bronze ice season ended. Above are the top 5 goalies with 9+ games (out of 16 total). My stats include 2 games (both losses) I didn't play, so they're actually better- it's not a big deal but it'd be nice to know what I've done this season in order to improve next season. My actual record was 9-0-3.

Tonight's game verus the Holey Whales ended in a 1-1 tie in a game that didn't make a difference in the standings- the 2nd draw between the 2 teams this season. Next weekend, it's playoff time.

Here are the end-of-season standings:
Arctic Blast 151320026
Gulag 16943021
OFD/SFFD 15762016
Holey Whales 16673015
Kwijibo 16394010
Gang Green 16212206

So yeah, we (Gulag) did well. One of our women started filling in at goalie this season (she lost 2, 7-8 & 6-2, but did a lot better in the 2nd game as she got the hang of it).