Monday, August 11, 2008

End of season ice stats

Jesse TownleyGulag 14490211.500.957
Victoria RemlerArctic Blast 9325141.560.957
Steven NordhavnHoley Whales 12420292.420.931
Jason MoyKwijibo 9316293.220.908
william yeungOFD/SFFD 13478554.230.885

[that's name, team, games played, shots, goals against, goals against average (per game), save %]

This is how this season's Bronze ice season ended. Above are the top 5 goalies with 9+ games (out of 16 total). My stats include 2 games (both losses) I didn't play, so they're actually better- it's not a big deal but it'd be nice to know what I've done this season in order to improve next season. My actual record was 9-0-3.

Tonight's game verus the Holey Whales ended in a 1-1 tie in a game that didn't make a difference in the standings- the 2nd draw between the 2 teams this season. Next weekend, it's playoff time.

Here are the end-of-season standings:
Arctic Blast 151320026
Gulag 16943021
OFD/SFFD 15762016
Holey Whales 16673015
Kwijibo 16394010
Gang Green 16212206

So yeah, we (Gulag) did well. One of our women started filling in at goalie this season (she lost 2, 7-8 & 6-2, but did a lot better in the 2nd game as she got the hang of it).

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