Monday, November 10, 2008

Hockey bits & pieces

In our Bronze ice hockey team, I'm 3-1-2 (3 wins, 1 loss, 2 ties). Not all of the games had shots kept track of, but the goals against average is 2.00 (12 goals in 6 games).

Counting the games that were shot totals kept, I've got a 90.6% save percentage. Decent, but I did better last season. There's more than 1/2 the season left, so there's time to get more shutouts (1 so far this year).

I really love playing ice hockey, even when we lose!

Right now our team is tied for 1st in the league. We just lost 2-0 in the final minutes last night to the other 1st place team. It was our 1st loss of the season (we're 4-1-2).

EDIT: Just realized that I didn't mention that last season (see the 8/11/08 post below) our ice hockey team won the championship for the first time since I've been playing on the team (2+ years, I think? At least 4 or 5 seasons- one in summer & one in winter). It was a great night!

In BASH (Bay Area Street Hockey), the Saturday S.F. league I play in, I play out & am currently the backup goalie. After too many years, I finally scored my first goal on Saturday. Then, our goalie was injured during the game so I had to rush & put on the pads & play the last few minutes of the game. I got the win too!

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