Friday, February 20, 2009

Death Race!

First off- Death Race 2000 is my favorite movie ever. Period.

So I rented the "remake" of it, last year's Death Race, not expecting much. Credits showed that Roger Corman, who directed the original, was involved peripherally, so that was a good sign. The remake, though much more limited in scope than the original, is good- crap, considering how bad it could've been, it's a frickin' masterpiece- and its car effects were super.

What pissed me off though was the smacked-ass director, in some dvd extra, claiming that his version was a broader statement about society than the original. Huh. Sounds like he's never seen the original. That's a broad dystopian vision of a corporate/religious dictatorship pandering to the masses. His is a limited, focused dystopian vision of a corporate dictatorship pandering to the masses.

Little creep. Other than that, Death Race is pretty darn good, but isn't going to knock the original off its pedestal.

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